July 2, 2017

The French Playground welcomes…

Over the summer, French teachers from all over the world will be providing their input, critiques and ideas to a brand new library of activities and tasks being created for French students of all levels and grades. Launch date is scheduled for September 2017. Once launched, French teachers will need only log into Xpresslab, enter their class  lists and assign any number of ready-to-use listening, speaking, reading and writing tasks to their French students. Activities and tasks will be designed for all levels and grades and will cover 100% of your regional French curriculum. Xpresslab is a completely free learning management system (LMS) for all Ontario French teachers. Teach outside of Ontario? No worries! You can try Xpresslab free for 30 days.


Best part? You get to have your input on the growing library! Join the French Playground Facebook group to get complete sneak previews and post your opinions and requests. Click here or the image below to join in on the building fun.


Can’t wait? Need a sneak preview now? Click the image below the get just a glimpse. From this video entitled “Le monstre sous mon lit” there will be over a dozen listening, speaking, reading and writing activities and tasks for your students to complete.

Watch the video. Have your own ideas of cool tasks and challenges for students? Let us know in the French Playground FB group. We will have activities geared for all grades and levels. From basic Core French to grade 12 French Immersion.


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