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January 2, 2016
Here is a list of just some of the French celebs that registered schools can request to have for online performances, interviews, cooking demos, craft presentations or more, at any time. See a French celeb that you missed on the calendar? Simply complete the “Request an Event” webform to request the French Playground to reschedule an event at a specific date/time that works best for you. Or, contact us to add a French celeb to your “wish list” and we will contact them on behalf of the French Playground.
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Jay Bailey (voyageur) Roland Bibeau (musicien) Bonhomme (d’un) Carnaval Franck Brichet (musicien)
 Jay Bailey voyaguer errant  Beebo  Bonhomme face  Franck Brichet


Chef St. Pierre Cupidon Danse partout (danse) DJ DELF (musicien)
 Portrait of a chef  cupid-icon danse partout DJ DELF logo


Charlotte Diamond (musicien)
Étienne (musicien) Le farfadet de la Saint-Patrick Jennifer Fittler (speaker)
Charlotte diamond  etienne2  leprechaun GOre hill


Mike Ford (musicien)
Mike Ford      



Tim Holland (ventriloque) Claudia Hommel (musicien) Jonathan Huberdeau (NHL – Florida Panthers) Jacques la citrouille-lanterne
tim-holland-ventriloquist-small claudia hommel jonathan_huberdeau_florida_022813  jacques la citrouille lanterne


Jacquot (musicien) Le lapin de Pâques Diana Mancuso (speaker)
 jacquot easter-bunny-mascot-costume Diana Mancuso


Njacko Backo  Le Père Noël  Le Petit Prince  
 njacko backo  pere noel  petit prince  


Hélène Richard (musicien) Tante Caroline Marc Tardif  
helene richard tante caroline2 Marc Tardif

Looking to book a French artist/performer for your school or area? Let the French Playground connect you with one or more of our French celebs. Complete this form and we will connect you.


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