December 5, 2015


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Certified French teacher Jenny Lake has prepared dozens of challenges (called: Missions) that vary from individual (50 & 100 points), to pairs (500 points), to whole class activities (1000 points). French students and schools submit Missions for badges using the easy “Mission Submission Dropbox.”

It’s as easy as “un, deux, trois…”   Follow these three easy steps.

STEP 1. Have your students use the “BADGE Collection Sheet” for easy organizing of badges.

student holding Badges sheet

STEP 2. Registered schools (French Playground members) can click on a Point value below and let the French missions, dares and challenges begin!

crest 50 points crest 100 points crest 500 points crest 1000 points

Not a member yet? Want to try a Mission right now with your French students? Try Mission #12 and get a sneak peek at some of the other Missions by clicking HERE.

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STEP 3. (OPTIONAL) Have your French students use the easy “Mission Submission Dropbox” to submit all completed missions

French students mission dropbox only


Missions” provide opportunities for your students to engage in the speaking, listening, reading and writing of the French language while earning badges. Collect all 40!  Commissioner Jenny Lake has posted a wide variety of French challenges and dares worth up to 50, 100, 500 or 1000 points. Missions range from reviewing basic French vocabulary and expressions (50 points), to completing challenging French dares (100 points), to producing French skits on life aspects from shopping, eating at a Café to travelling the world (500 points), to working as a class to accomplish various demanding French tasks (1000 points).  Your students can work on these missions during class time or at home. That’s right! You can assign “Missions” as homework!

Dropbox-267x300 Submitting and uploading completed “missions” is easy for students thanks to the “Mission Submission Dropbox.” Both Jenny Lake (Commissioner of the French Playground) and the French teacher receive a copy of the student’s submission via email.
point scaleOnce a mission is received, the Jenny Lake (a certified French teacher) will send out the earned badge via email.
Mission15The student(s) receives their badge. Then, the French student can “cross off” another badge off their badge collection sheet. Collect all 40 mission badges!



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