December 5, 2015

What is the French Playground?

The French Playground is a candy store for French teachers and students. Click here to view this info video if you are new to the French Playground.

There are two different ways to engage your students in authentic French activities and culture.

1. Choose from a 24/7 calendar of FREE French cultural events where you and your students can participate in online French games, performances, interviews, class mystery meetings, meet-and-greets, co-teach lessons and engage in activities for authentic French interaction with other schools worldwide, at any date/time. Click HERE for a quick video tutorial on how to navigate this free, fun French calendar of online events.

2. Choose from hundreds of pre-made authentic French activities, tasks and challenges on Xpresslab. French teachers need only log into Xpresslab, enter their class  lists and assign any number of curriculum-covering listening, speaking, reading and writing tasks to their French students. Activities and tasks will be designed for all levels and grades. Xpresslab is a completely free learning management system (LMS) for all Ontario French teachers. Teach outside of Ontario? No worries! You can try Xpresslab free for 30 days.


How do my students interact on the French Playground?

Student why join1

students guaranteed sign

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With one mouse click, French students and schools interact and learn in the “Coin culturel” by attending FREE, online French cultural events, games, performances, interviews, activities or school meet-and-greets. Attending an event is simple. All schools need only look at the “Upcoming Events” schedule for a wide variety of French cultural events and activities, find an event/date/time that suits, and then join in at event time.

Watch a quick video tutorial here:

Click the image below to begin.

Is it easy to use the French Playground?  Is it OK if I’m not a “techy-type” teacher?

student at computer answers question

A computer, IPad, Tablet, or Smartphone? Yes. Any one of these will do.
Internet access? Yes.
Speakers? Recommended. Not necessary.
Webcam? No. Not necessary.
Microphone? No. Not necessary.
Hypercalibrated interface combobulator? No. We don’t even know what that is! Sorry. We keep it simple here.



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