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What do you get when you mix the French accents with the Baby Shark song and Fortnite-inspired dances?

It's the #FrenchAccentsChallenge.

Try it now with your French students!  

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Can you do it better than these French teachers?

See dozens of French teachers showing you how to do it!

So what does this dance look like when performed by dozens of French teachers? 

There is only one way to find out! Click the link below. Challenge your students to dance even better!

click to Watch french teachers taking the challenge

Wait what? I can win a free t-shirt too?


You have until May 31st to submit your version of the #FrenchAccentsChallenge video. Two categories to enter:

1. Most body of students at one time (record is currently 370 students)

2. Most creative version 

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Étienne and his bandmates from the band NOUS

Étienne and his bandmates from the French band NOUS have created this hybrid electro-rock, country line dance-inspired dance routine for the popular song ALLER. 

Try it now with your French students!


This is how we do it...


It is pretty simple. Though, if you do the song correctly, the dancing switches from two feet, to only the right foot, to only the left foot. There are even some twists.

Can your French students do better than these French teachers and students?

watch teachers and students doing ALLER

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